Protect your products with "Do Not Use Blades To Open" labels on your packages

To be successful in the modern business climate, it's imperative that businesses optimize the entire customer experience. From a customer's first interaction with an advertisement or new product to their first purchase with a new company and beyond, there are many areas of customer experience that a business should keep in mind.

One of the most vital areas, especially for primarily web-driven businesses, revolves around the shipping and receiving of products. Oftentimes, digital companies will invest heavily on making sure customers have a great online experience, only to ruin their hard work by presenting an inferior physical product and packaging.

While it takes a great deal of work to build a positive perception of a brand, it only takes one negative experience to reverse that perception. One of the quickest ways to disassociate a customer from your brand is to deliver damaged or inferior goods.

Get your products to your customers safely

Using safety and warning labels with your shipping boxes is imperative to ensuring that your customer receives their goods in good working order. If you have a fragile item that could easily be damaged by blades, one of the most important notices to include on your packaging is a "Do Not Use Blades To Open" label on the outside of your shipping box. This will help keep the customer from damaging the product upon receiving the item.

Other shipping and handling labels are important too. Like "Fragile" labels or "This Side Up" labels which will help make sure that shipping providers handle your boxes appropriately while in transit.

Don't overlook the details

Taking the extra time to think about each step of the process for the customer's interaction with your brand is essential for any successful company, but especially so for primarily web-based businesses. The nature of the internet is very distant and tends to be divisive, so it doesn't take much to lose a customer from a negative experience.

Make sure to optimize your process from first interaction to the post-order follow up to gain long-term loyal customers.