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How to Print USPS Labels From Etsy

Printing 4x6 USPS Shipping Labels from Etsy with your LabelWriter 4XL

So your Etsy business is picking up steam. You need to print shipping labels faster and easier so you went and purchased a LabelWriter 4XL printer. You made a great choice. The 4XL is going to make your life so much easier. Only problem is figuring out how to use the darn thing!

Don't worry though, here's how you print your new 4x6 labels from your Etsy account to your LabelWriter 4XL. We've included a few tips for Mac users as well.

1. Format your labels for 4x6 Label Printers

The first step is to change your download preference in your Etsy shop settings. Go to Your Shop > Shipping Labels > Options and where it says "Download Preference," select "Format my labels for 4x6 Label Printers. Check!

2. Purchase and download your labels

You can do this for each individual label. But we recommend downloading them from your Shipping Labels page. It's more efficient.

3. Select the 4" x 6" setting in your 4XL printer settings

If you are having trouble with your software, we recommend uninstalling your LabelWriter software and then installing the latest version. You can get that for both Windows and Mac here. Note: Mac users, if you're experiencing issues with changing the size, see the Note for Mac Users below.

4. Load 4" x 6" Dymo shipping labels into your printer

It may seem obvious, but trust us, after going though many rounds of troubleshooting to get labels to print correctly only to find out that we loaded the wrong size labels, we know this is an important step.

5. Print your downloaded label PDFs

Once your printer is connected to your computer, you can select the LabelWriter 4XL from your print dialog screen. Or you can save the PDF to your desktop and then open the PDF outside of your browser if you're experiencing printing issues.

Note for Mac users: When setting the print settings for the 4XL, go to Systems Preferences select Printer & Fax setting and select the Dymo Labelwriter 4XL. Set the Default Paper size to 4" wide by 6" tall. You also may see an option for Dymo 4 x 6. This will work too.

Simple as that! Your Dymo LabelWriter 4XL is going to be a great investment. Since it's a thermal printer, you don't have to worry about changing ink or toner, you just have to keep the sensor clean and make sure you order quality direct thermal labels. Which by the way, carries for up to 65% off Dymo MSRP and we offer free shipping on every order in the USA.

Hope that helps. If you're having any issues getting your labels to print correctly, call us at 800-750-7764 or use the Chat Now button below. We'll be happy to help get you up and running!

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