What Do I Do? My Dymo LabelWriter Is Printing Blank Labels

Q: I'm having an annoying issue with my printer. My Dymo Labelwriter 450 is printing blank labels when I go to print. How do I fix this?

A: Sometimes we get customers who have an issue with their LabelWriter printer printing blank labels. Here's how to diagnose what's going wrong and a few possible solutions.

As always, if you can't get your printer to work on your own, our friendly customer service team is here to help. You can email us at service@labelvalue.com, call at 800-750-7764 from 8:30am-7pm EST, or reach out to us on Twitter @LabelValue

First, press the grey feed button just below where the label comes out of the printer. If more than one label comes out, you have an issue with either your printer or your labels. If only one label comes out, there is an issue with the information you are sending to the printer.

Possible Printer or Label Issues Include:

Printer Issues:

  • A dirty sensor.

    • Since LabelWriter Printers are thermal printers, they rely on sensors to know where to print. If the sensors are dirty, they won't be able to read where the label ends. To fix this, use cleaning cards.

  • Or... dirty cables, connectors, spools or rollers.

    • Basically, there's not a ton that can go wrong with your printer. Dirt, pieces of labels or any other buildup is oftentimes the culprit. If you've cleaned the sensor and are still having issues, take out the different components and clean them thoroughly using lint-free cloth, Isopropyl alcohol, diluted dishwashing detergent, or diluted glass cleaner without ammonia.

Label Issues:

  • Labels are upside down.

    • Since the printer relies on the sensor to read the end of the label, if your label is upside down, it may "print" more than one label.

  • The first thing you should check is that the labels are loaded properly on the spindle and that it is firmly together and in place.

  • Check that the roll is all the way to the left so that the sensor can register the eyelet correctly.

  • Confirm that the lid of the printer is closed.

  • You're using bad labels. If the labels are manufactured incorrectly, the sensor won't know when a new label begins. (Warning: Shameless product plug ahead) Save yourself the trouble and buy LabelValue labels.

Possible Software/Driver Issues Include:

If your printer feeds only one label when you press the feed button, there's an issue with the information being sent to the printer. This could be:

  • Margins and print settings are incorrect. If you have configured your print settings incorrectly (e.g. input the wrong size or incorrect margins) then your printer may skip labels. Adjust the size to be smaller, double-check your margins and then test print.

  • You installed the wrong driver. If you installed the wrong driver, the print information could be skewed, causing the printer to print blank labels erratically.

If you're still having issues after trying all of these steps, you can take this last step - uninstall and reinstall and then reconnect your printer, software and drivers. That's the last-ditch effort to take and if the problems persist, your printer may need to be replaced. Check and see if it is under warranty from DYMO.

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