Make Custom Veterinary Stickers Online

Make Vet Tech Stickers Online

In this week’s label news we will teach you how to make a custom vet tech sticker. Last week we reviewed how to use LabelValue’s custom label maker Instaproof. If you missed that article please at least glance over it to understand how our online label maker software works.  This will help you in the net upcoming steps.

If you need a stock veterinary label browse them here. If you need to make a custom veterinary label keep reading this guide. This guide will show you how to print custom labels online with the best pricing. Few label companies have the technology to make labels online with an online label maker.

#1 - Make Veterinary Label Size.

The first step in making your veterinary labels online is to see what size you need. The size of the label will depend on how you are using it, and what it’s going on. With LabelValue’s Instaproof you can choose any size. You can also choose custom shapes. Custom shape labels are great if you want your artwork to have a custom outline and not a standard square or circle. Once you have chosen your label shape and size you can choose how many you need in step 2.


#2 – Pick A Veterinary Label Quantity.

Do you need 500 labels? Or 50,000? We can accommodate either. Just let us know how many custom labels you need by typing the number into our online label maker software.


#3 - Choose A Material.

Paper or plastic (BOPP)? Paper is usually cheaper and gets the job done. The exception to this rule is that the paper is not oil or moisture resistant. If you need oil resistant labels make sure to choose BOPP label material. For moisture resistant labels you can also choose BOPP. BOPP is very similar to a plastic type label that is very hard to tear. These labels are very durable.


#4 - Choose A Label Finish.

To protect your label you will want to choose a glossy or matte lamination. Or you can choose a UV finish. The most common option is glossy lamination. If you prefer a dull finish to the label choose a matte finish.

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