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Washington State Cannabis Labeling Requirement Deadline – “Not For Kids” Labels Available At LabelValue Now

Not For Kids Stickers Required in Washington State

On February 14th, 2017, the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) will begin requiring all edible marijuana products to have a “Not For Kids” sticker affixed to the product. Learn more from the state board here.

In response, now carries stock “Not For Kids” labels intended to comply with WSLCB requirements for licensees in the state of Washington.

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The Not For Kids Warning Label Requirements Are As Follows:

  • The symbol’s minimum size is three-fourths inch in height by one-half inch in width.
  • It must be legible, readily visible by the consumer, and alert consumers that the product is not for kids.
  • It must  be placed on the front of the package or the “principal display panel.”
  • Principal display panel” is defined as  the portion(s) of the surface of the immediate container, or of any outer container or wrapping, which bear(s) the labeling designed to be most prominently displayed, shown, presented, or examined under conditions of retail sale.”
  • “Immediate container” means the external container holding the marijuana product
  • The symbol is trademarked and cannot be changed in any way other than for sizing purposes. 
  • Reason for Black Border: The licensee must use a black border around the edges of the white background of the warning symbol image when the label or packaging is also white to ensure visibility of the warning symbol.

Not For Kids Washington State Labels on Rolls

Currently, the WSCLB sells these stickers to licensees in the state of Washington. However, these stickers are only available on sticker sheets intended for manual hand applied placement on product packaging. Given the volume of many retail cannabis shops in the state of Washington, your shop may have higher volume needs for labeling these products

At you can now buy rolls of 1000 LV-NOTFORKIDS labels starting at $19.95 per roll, which includes Free Shipping.

We also offer the black border variation if your product’s packaging or labeling has a white background.

Make sure that your company stays within state regulations by implementing your Not for Kids labeling before the February 14th deadline. If you would like to incorporate the design into your product’s main labeling, we can help with that. Our team of graphic designers can reformat your existing label artwork to incorporate the Not for Kids logo, at no extra cost.

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