5 Must-Know Stats about the Marijuana Industry in 2015

The marijuana industry is booming. In 2014, we saw the increased passage of recreational legislation to Oregon, Alaska, and Washington D.C, while the medical marijuana market now contains 19 states. Marijuana enthusiasts and businesses hope to see marijuana as nationally available and accepted as alcohol--sooner rather than later.

5 stats to know about marijuana industry image
Marijuana is now more than just a drug . It's a business. And it's growing like crazy. (image from HuffingtonPost)

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, the marijuana industry isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and here are 5 facts you should know about the industry as we roll into 2015.

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5 Must Know Marijuana Stats:

1. 55%

The percentage of the country that supports legalization. 

According to a survey by CNN/ORC, support for legalization has increased from 16% in 1990, to 55% in 2014. 

2. $50-60 million

2015 marijuana tax revenue for Colorado.

This surpasses the first $40 million that the state set as the number to be used exclusively for school development from the marijuana tax. As Mashable pointed out, with this money Colorado could pay to shelter and support 1,598 of New York City's homeless families, calculated at $37, 603 per family per year.

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3. $3.4 billion

Estimated 2015 marijuana market.

According to a Marijuana Business Daily report, the market size of marijuana, medical and recreational, is expected to be around three and a half billion dollars. 

4. 200,000

Number of projected marijuana jobs to be created in 2015.

CannaInsider projected this number based on the growth of markets in Oregon, Alaska and the nation's capitol. 

5. $17.4 billion

Annual cost of marijuana prohibition for state and federal government.

According to a Harvard University study the government spends billions in preventing illegal marijuana use and distribution.