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The Value in Purchasing Zebra Printers and Labels

Zebra labelsWhen it comes to printing barcodes and high volumes of labels, Zebra printers are the brand that comes to mind. Zebra gives you versatility that you can’t find in other printers.

You can print labels in various dots for every inch, which increases the versatility with the way the labels are utilized. Neither are Zebra printers restricted to one type of printing. They are versatile, capable of both direct thermal and thermal transfer technology.

Zebra printers and Zebra labels are both inexpensive. Using the direct thermal technology, you can avoid investing in thermal transfer ribbons. The print color is limited to black and will fade over time, but this option can save considerable expense over time.

These printers use a quick and easy ribbon loading system and OpenACCESS design for easy media loading. They are also designed to be durable and long-lasting. It’s for this reason that many health care organizations choose this brand as their printer of choice, as they can provide large volumes of high resolution labels to help better manage a business.

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