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How To Fix A Label Jam In Your LabelWriter Printer

Labelwriter 450 turboThe Dymo LabelWriter printer was designed to be very user friendly. Because of this, label jams for LabelWriter printers are very rare. Luckily though, they can be easily corrected if you follow this step by step guide. Always use caution when unjamming your Dymo Printer as you will be dealing with the print drive. You should take extra caution to not damage the print drive when removing a jammed label.

Step by Step: How to Fix a Label Jam in your Dymo LabelWriter Printer

label jam illustration

  1. Make sure your LabelWriter printer is unplugged.
  2. Lift the cover to your Dymo LabelWriter and remove the spool holding your labels. If any labels have already been fed through the printer, tear and remove.
  3. The piece of the printer with the Dymo name and logo is the face plate. Remove that piece and set to the side.
  4. On the left side of the printer you will find the paper release level. Using this level, move the print head away from the feed mechanism.
  5. Use a paper clip that has been straightened to carefully cut away at the label caught in the printer.
  6. Gently remove any remaining pieces of the stuck label by using a pair of plastic tweezers. Be careful not to damage any of internal mechanisms of the printer while removing the jammed label.
  7. After you have successfully removed the label, feed the Dymo cleaning card through the printer 10 times to ensure all residue from the glue has been removed.
  8. Once the cleaning card has been ran through your Dymo Printer, plug the printer back in.
  9. Place the face plate back onto the printer.
  10. Finally, insert the spool and labels back into your LabelWriter, and feed them through.
  11. Your printer should be ready to begin printing again.

Some useful tips for avoiding label jams:

When you insert labels into the printer, make sure there is no label adhesive exposed. Always be sure to print on labels where the backing is fully intact. Otherwise you run the risk of your labels becoming attached to the printer drive roller when ran through the printer. Always use labels that are made with high quality material. Our labels are made with the highest standards and are 100% guaranteed to work in your LabelWriter Printer.