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5 Reasons to Choose a Zebra Printer

Zebra printersWe often receive calls from customers who are looking to invest in a label printer for the first time. Some have done research on the various types of printers and asked for recommendations, but many still have no idea what kind of printer will best meet their needs. While there is no one size fits all model for label printing, there are a number of great options out there. Check out my list of top five reasons why you might want to choose a Zebra printer.

  1. Performance. Unlike some other label printers, the Zebra Printers were designed with busy companies and big printing jobs in mind and if you work in a hospital, retail business or somewhere that does a high volume of printing the Zebra may be the best choice for you.  Because they were designed to regularly complete large volumes of printing, they can be expected to provide you with optimum performance for many years without a problem. While models vary, the G-Series printers print a fast six inches per second, allowing you to increase productivity.
  2. Ease of use. Nothing is more frustrating than purchasing a new piece of office equipment knowing there will be a learning curve and you will have to spend hours figuring out how it works before you have it mastered. Conversely, the best printers are those that are easy to learn and simple to use, saving users both time and frustration. The ribbon-loading system for the thermal transfer version is the easiest method on the market, while the G-Series OpenACCESS design speeds up the media loading process.
  3. Price. Zebras combine quality with affordability in one small, sleek printer. When it comes to high volume, high quality printers that will last for years and won’t break the bank…Zebra printers are one of the best options available.
  4. Design. Unlike many large desktop printers that take up significant space, the Zebra printers sport a sleek, compact design, allowing you to place them anywhere on your desk without taking up significant room. The G-Series printers, especially the direct thermal GK420d and GX420d, have the smallest footprint of any 4-inch desktop printers and can easily fit into space constrained work areas.
  5. Accessories. You never have to worry about needing to locate additional accessories for your printer. Zebra makes any number of accessories that you might need.

Have more questions about whether the Zebra might be well suited to meet your needs? Contact our customer service department today.

Do you have a label printer now? If so, which printer do you use?