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Custom Labels: Top Artwork Mistakes

If you are going to spend the money to create custom labels to separate your product from the masses, you want to make sure that you are maximizing on the opportunity. Because the first thing customers notice is the artwork on your labels, it is important to make sure that you avoid making mistakes when creating the labels. Here we share some of the biggest mistakes you can make regarding the artwork on your labels.

  1. Font not available at printer. Since switching to digital file preparation years ago, this has become a common problem. You may love the font you have selected for your artwork, but unless your printer has it, they will only receive an error message when opening the file. Make sure you outline all fonts prior to sending the file.
  2. Spelling mistakes or typos. While this may seem so obvious that it should be able to go without saying, it is still an incredibly common occurance. While your printer may catch typos, you cannot count on it. Make sure you always have more than one person proof your labels before sending them to the printer.
  3. Missing graphics or links. Much like the problem with the font, if you are using old versions of Photoshop or Illustrator, your printer may not be able to access them. Make sure that your graphics are embedded in your document before sending them to the printer in order to avoid a delay in production.
  4. Expectations of color. Anyone who owns more than one printer is well aware that colors can vary drastically between printers. If precise color is important to you, make sure that you request a press proof.
  5. Artwork sizing. Oftentimes artwork is sent of different size than the dimensions of the actual label. Whether this is intentional or not, always include instructions for the placement and sizing of the image. How much extra white space is needed? Do you want it centered or cropped? Again, these detailed instructions will only save time and headache during the printing process.

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