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Infographics About Label Printing, Branding and More

Label Printing InfographicsLearn about label printing, branding, marketing your product and more with these infographics created by LabelValue. Label printing infographics discuss label design, labeling history and other important label industry information. From what a beer label says about your personality, to facts about 6-color printing, LabelValue has the label printing infographics to both inform and entertain.

Please feel free to share any of the infographics you see here on social media or on your own website with a citation back to the source.


What Do Beer and Wine Labels Say About You?

Beer and Wine Labels
A fun take on what your choice of beverage says about you. Also, an insight for brands into their target audiences.


Ever wonder what impression you give based on your drink of choice? Click here to view.

Which Font
Are You?

Choose a label font
A guide to choosing a font for your label that fits your personality.


Ever wonder what impression your choice of font gives? Want to know what your go to label font should be based on your and your company’s personality? Click here to view.

How Short Is Our Attention Span in 2016?

Short Attention Span Infographic
A look at how human attention span got to be shorter than a goldfish.


Luckily, this means your brand has a unique opportunity to stand out now more than ever before.


Click here to view.

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