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How Do I Get An Exact Color Match For My labels?

Can I send in something for you to color match on press?

How do I get an exact color match for labels?

This can be done two ways, With a press match, or by using Pantone colors.

A press proof match is when a label company prints your labels to match the sample you provided.  

Do you need your custom labels to be an exact color? Tell your label printer you want a press match to your current label colors. Another option is to use pantone colors. Pantone colors ensure that your color is the same on labels, packaging, boxes and any other printed packaging materials. 

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CBD Labeling Guidelines For Florida

CBD Labels
CBD (cannabidiol) oil and products are legal to buy and sell in Florida if you are over 18. You must have also paid the Hemp Food establishment fee.
CBD labels and Custom Cannabis labels are required on all CBD products In Florida. Make cannabis labels online here.
The hemp must be extracted from plants with less than 0.3% total delta-9 THC by weight. As of writing this article, the Hemp Food establishment fee is $650.
Each state has different Cannabis laws for labels. 

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Film Labels vs. Paper Labels

Film Labels vs Paper Labels

 Which Is The Best Choice For My Labels? There is often a lot of conversation about the difference between paper labels and film labels. Many have struggled to determine which is best for their products. In the following article, we’ll break...

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