Virga Botanicals Case Study - Variable Data & Design Labels

Can you print multiple designs cost-effectively?

Skincare line Virga Botanicals has a diverse line of cosmetic products. They wanted to keep their design and branding consistent, yet unique across the different products they offered.

With traditional custom label printing methods, this would be a highly time and cost-intensive process. However, we utilized the latest digital printing technology to print their multiple designs in a quick and cost-effective way.

The flexibility that these methods allow helps us to ensure you are able to get the labels you need exactly when you need them. It also allows you much greater flexibility in designing your product line and making labels that help your products stand out and complement each other.

As you can see, Virga took this creative freedom and ran with it, creating a stunning and sleek assortment of labels to maximize the packaging of their great products. The results were some of our favorite cosmetic labels to date:

Are you looking to print custom labels for multiple products? We’ll help you reach your goals without breaking your budget.

An additional advantage that we have to offer is our extensive experience creating customized direct thermal compatible labels. What that means is we are experts in creating labels that you can actually print on yourself if you have a desktop label printer you use in your warehouse or office.

In addition to being able to digitally print various designs and information with quick turnarounds, we can create custom labels that allow you the flexibility to change product info, names, or codes by printing on them yourself.

Get started with your custom label quote here. If you have a diverse product line, our custom label experts will follow up with you to make sure your product line turns out to be just as stunning as you envisioned!