4 Ideas for Asking Your Groomsmen to be in Your Wedding

Ideas For Asking Your Groomsmen

Coming up with unique ideas to ask your friends to be in your wedding has always been more of a trend among brides-to-be, and one that has taken off since Pinterest now provides a wealth of ideas. One idea brides frequently use is to purchase custom wine bottle labels and present the bottle to each bridesmaid.

But what about the fellas?

Just because they want to avoid asking their friends in a “cute” way doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of fun, unique ways to ask your potential groomsmen to be in your wedding.

1. Custom Ask Your Groomsman Beer Can Labels

The groom can take the same approach as the wine bottle labels and place custom beer labels on their friend's favorite brews. You could also choose a bottle of each friend’s favorite beverage and place a custom label on the friend, such as a bottle of whiskey or scotch.

2. Hang Tags

Attach custom hang tags to the neck of a bottle, asking your groomsmen to be a part of your big day.

3. Cigars

You can attach cigars to cards requesting that your friends participate in your wedding in some fashion, whether as a groomsman, best man, or even just an usher.

4. Gift Box

If you want to go all out, give each groomsman a gift box with your request on a custom label or card inside the box. Fill the box with things like cigars and/or mini bottles of liquor.