Learn How To Attract More Customers With Seasonal Product Packaging

Seasonal product labels for differentiation

Picture this. You've spent significant sums of money, time, and resources to come up with the perfect seasonal product, only to realize that there are many similar competing products available in the market.

How do you ensure that customers notice your product, pick it up off the shelves, and place it in their shopping cart?

The answer lies in your product decoration, of which custom printed labels are the most efficient, affordable, and flexible way product packaging to use. Studies on consumer behavior revealed that most shoppers make their purchase decision at the point of sale within the store. Therefore, if your products have eye-catching, high-quality, seasonally appropriate labels, more customers are likely to purchase it.

What makes custom seasonal labels useful?

Seasonal labels or packaging are efficient in several ways. For starters, since the labels are custom-made, it becomes easy for a business owner to personalize the design and connect with the brand's audience. This complements the brand's unique personality by identifying with the customer’s needs or interests. As a result, buyers relate to the product quicker.

Secondly, seasonal labels are timely and suit the current season, holiday, or event. Consumers are more likely to relate to and purchase such goods. For instance, during Christmas, consumers are geared to look for Christmas-themed products. Similarly, during events, such as the Super Bowl, World Cup, and Olympics, merchandise with labels that match the events tend to drive more sales.

Does seasonal label packaging help increase sales?

Even though you have to spend some up-front money to get high-quality custom printed labels, the value that you and your business are likely to enjoy dwarfs the cost significantly, especially when compared to other product package printing like box printing and the like.

More importantly, choosing labels over direct printed packaging allows you the flexibility to switch out designs, promotions, and more.

Here are some ways you can utilize seasonal product labels to both increase sales and also mitigate potential losses.

i. Custom seasonal labels can contribute to reducing obsolete inventory

As a small business owner, you perhaps can relate better to the nightmare of having dead stock or obsolete inventory. Besides just taking up valuable storage space the goods ties up money. Fortunately, by using seasonal custom labels, a business person can revamp the sales of a product, by making it appear new and exciting, without adding any significant change to the product or its packaging. Consequently, most shoppers will go for the “new” product.

ii. Seasonal labels help to spike product sales during distinct seasons and holidays

Many people shop more during festive seasons and holidays like Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Independence Day, and Easter. Therefore, if you wish to make more sales during such festive periods, design your product labels to match the prevailing theme. Not only will you make the product more appealing, but you will also increase the frequency of impulse purchases.

iii. Promotional labels help differentiate your product from the competition

Since seasonal labels are custom-made, you can come up with a design that stands out from those of your competitors. This differentiation will help to increase the shoppers’ awareness about your brand and also make them more willing to purchase from you.

iv. Seasonal labels aid in selling premium products too

If you have premium products, you might notice that the product sales are not as strong as you would like This is because the majority of shoppers do not by default purchase premium-priced products, instead they generally have the intention of saving a buck or two, unless it is a very compelling product.

In such a case, therefore, using seasonal packaging labels is your best shot at maximizing sales. Creating an attractive and compelling packaging that correlates with the season, holiday, or event, will help move premium products as well.

v. Using seasonal and promotional labels is an excellent market entry and penetration strategy

Many small business owners find it difficult to penetrate new markets. And who can blame them? Entering a new market means facing the threat of new entrants as well as competition from already established brands. In spite of these challenges, thanks to seasonal packaging labels, it is still possible to successfully enter and compete in a new territory. You only need to identify a favorite event, season, or holiday and come up with a design that amplifies the season.

Oftentimes, by simply offering personalized or seasonal label packaging you can already be ahead of the competition in a new market.

How to make your seasonal label packaging even more efficient

As the name implies, seasonal labels are used for a given period of time. It is, therefore, prudent for a business owner to come up with designs that will still appear tasteful even after the festive season or event comes to an end. The following are some of the things you need to consider.

i. Extend the products’ expiry date

In as much as you want to make your product to match the season, try and come up a label design that will keep your product relevant on the shelves for long. However, if you're ordering short runs from a company with digital printing capabilities, like LabelValue.com, you don't need to worry as much, as you can have multiple designs printed in the same run for minimal costs.

ii. Design collectibles

Make your custom printed labels exciting by creating collectibles for your loyal customer base. Craft something that your shoppers will love collecting each year. It could be a series of figurines, an assortment of brand labels, and so on. Such a move will make your customers want your products each season in order to fill up their collection.

iii. Eliminate the need for wrapping

In case your product is primarily a gift item, consider creating a seasonal package that removes the need for gift wraps. Doing so will pull more customers to your product since it transforms your products into a ready-to-go gift. You can even include a "to/from" section for the customer to write on.

iv. Launch an advertising campaign

Even though you might have remarkably beautiful custom printed labels, it is to your benefit if you complement the design with brand awareness advertising campaigns. You could use TV ads or advertise on social media. The advertising efforts will make more shoppers aware of the product’s existence. Besides, the adverts position your product in the buyer’s subconscious minds, to the extent that when they reach the store, they instinctively reach for your brand.

v. Be sensitive to the audience

Considering that we are in a multicultural and multi-ethnic society, it is important to ensure your labels do not offend any person’s norms, values, or beliefs. A product that offends shopper’s values tends to attract a negative public uproar which might even result in the customers boycotting your brands.

What factors should you consider when shopping for seasonal packaging?


Your budget

Naturally, as a business person, you understand the need for budgeting. Ascertain whether the kind of custom printed labels will ensure a desirable return on investment. Since there are many different types of seasonal packaging, go for a high-quality solution that is within your budgetary range and is likely to bear desirable outcomes.

Your Brand Identity

The identity of your brand should be the primary determinant of how your seasonal packaging and labeling should be. The label should clearly illustrate what your brand stands for, the message you wish to pass across, your company logo, as well as what the product entails. The label should not mislead or confuse the shoppers.

Seasonal label materials, finishes and adhesives matter

Product tags come in a myriad of materials, which play a great role in influencing the final label appearance as well as the perception of the shoppers. Go for a material that does not smudge, tear, or wear out quickly during shipping. Similarly, ensure that the label you use is appropriate for the product on which you intend to put it. For instance, if you are placing the seasonal labels on jars or glass bottles, paper labels will suffice.

Make sure to choose the right colors

Colors are powerful and can elicit different emotions. Besides, a majority of shoppers are first attracted to a product because of its color. Select a color scheme that stands out from your competitors, and ensure it produces the kind of effect or mood you want. It helps if you are familiar with color spectrum psychology.