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How Custom Dies And Diecut Labels Can Set Your Products Apart

A custom diecut beer label printed for Swamp Head Brewery

One of the most frustrating things about being about a small business owner is having to go through the trouble of securing the right dies for your label designs.

Imagine, you have an original shape in mind for the outline of your label paper. This shape is likely to deviate from the typical rectangular or oval shapes that are most commonly used for label designs. A label printing company is not very likely to have, in their cache, die shapes that deviate from the norm. If you’ve ever tried to secure a custom die at the last minute, then you know how much of a hassle it can be. We recommend small business owners, with custom label shapes in mind for their packaging, invest in custom dies for their label materials.

Here are a few benefits of having your own custom label die on hand.

How Diecut Labels Work

So, before labels are cut to their specific shapes and dimensions, they begin their journeys as interconnected pieces on a large sheet of paper material. The easiest thing to compare this sheet of connected label materials to is a sheet of cookie dough. The die, then, is the equivalent of a cookie cutter. Some of the most commonly occurring die shapes are rectangular, circular, and triangular.

cookie cutters work much like custom label diecuts

Before the die works its magic, an outline must be created on the label material. The die will cut along this outline. This outline is referred to as the die line. When you first receive your label design proofs, this die line will be depicted by a thickly and readily identified colored ink line.

At this stage, the label material sheet, once imprinted with the outline is equivalent to the cookie sheet imprinted with creative molds right before you peel away the excess. Once the label material is cut out into its individual pieces, the leftover material, referred to as the matrix, is stripped away.

Frustrations arise, for creative small business owners, when they have an interesting shape for a label design but the label printers do not have the necessary die to produce that shape.

Die Cut Machinery for Labels

The process of creating custom die shapes is a complicated and highly technical one. Firstly, the label cutter must be calibrated in such a way that it can cut through the label paper but without piercing the backing. Moreover, the die cutter must be aligned so that it cuts to the dimensions necessary for the label shape.

Reconfiguring an existing die cutter can be a costly affair, then. If your label printing company does not have the die cutter shapes in store, then you may have to offer extra payment to your label printing company everytime you need a custom label shape made.

Save Time and Money by Investing in Your Custom Die Now

A financially cunning entrepreneur will, instead, opt to have a die cutter for their intended shape on stand by. We understand that the initial payment for securing the custom die may not seem like the most exciting prospect, but it will definitely pay for itself many times over.

With a custom die in storage at your favorite label printing company, you’ll never have to worry about paying extra for the securing of custom die shapes, again.

Not only will you save money on future label printing, but because the label printing company has your die in store, the entire process will become more expedient.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to make the commitment to secure custom label dies, consider the following:

One of the best things about having an interesting packaging design is that it attracts consumer eyes. A unique label shape can be as much a pleasure to marvel at as its color or aesthetic considerations.

One aspect of the label that is often neglected as part of a label’s design is its profile, or shape.

an example of a label die

An example of a custom label die - used to trim your label to its desired size and shape.

Label shapes can be just as captivating as a label’s artwork. A peculiar label shape can be a positively alarming experience for the customer. Labels with strange silhouettes add a layer of dimension to otherwise run-of-the-mill label shapes. Not only does it improve the aesthetic quality of the label but it adds a textural quality as well.

Your potential consumers will trace and retrace the contours of the label shapes with their fingertips. The tactile aspect, when paired with an interesting label image, will certainly cement your brand in the consumer’s mind.

Building a Brand Image With Custom Diecut Labels

One of our favorite examples of labels with interesting shapes comes from Swamp Head Brewery.

Swamp Head Brewery uses custom die cut labels for their products

The wavy edges of the label enhances the label’s image. The vast majority of labels are circles, rectangles, or ovals, so think of how your brand image will pop with custom label shapes.

If you’d like to get started with your own custom label shapes—perhaps you fancy the shape of a cowboy’s hat or an apple—then you’ll want to invest in some custom dies. Don’t worry, the ordering process is easier than you think.

Simply contact us and we will walk you through our simple ordering process. All that's needed to get started is an art file showing the shape of the die, and we will have it made for a small one-time die purchasing charge. After that, the die can be used on all labels for your brand.