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Florida’s Fast Growing Craft Brewing Industry: Infographic

An Illustrated Guide to Florida’s Rapidly Growing Craft Beer Industry

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Florida, known for sunshine, beaches, alligators, and the infamous Florida Man, can now add its rapidly expanding craft beer industry to the ever-growing list of reasons you should visit the Sunshine State.

We’ve broken down some key facts for you about Florida’s up-and-coming craft brewery scene. Bet you didn’t know Florida even has its own style of beer! Pretty impressive, right?

Being that we are a custom label and shrink sleeve manufacturer in Tampa, Florida, we’ve noticed quite an uptick in the number of craft breweries and microbreweries popping up in our neighborhood.

From 2.38 barrels of craft beer produced every minute to 160,000 jobs created by the craft brewing industry, Florida’s craft beer awakening is in full swing.

Grab yourself a cold one and settle in to learn more about Florida’s craft beer explosion with the fun and eye-popping statistics found in our infographic about Florida’s Craft Brew Industry. Then feel free to share with your friends or on your blog or website!


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