Do I Have To Purchase Labels From DYMO?

Do I Have To Purchase Labels From DYMO?

Do I have to purchase authentic labels from DYMO? The short answer is no you dont If you have a Dymo 450 label printer or a Dymo 450 XL. Why? Because you can purchase Dymo 450 compatible labels from

Dymo 550 Labels Only Work With The Dymo 550 label Printer

If you have a Dymo 550 label printer you will need to purchase labels from DYMO directly. This is because the Dymo 550 label printer is not compatible with Dymo 450 labels. The Dymo 550 label printer has a new security feature that checks for a proprietary NFC tag on the 550 roll. If your Dymo 550 roll does not have this security NFC tag, it will not print.


The Dymo 450 and 450 XL Cannot Print On Dymo 550 Labels 

The only way to get a Dymo 550 roll with the NFC tag is to buy the labels from Dymo 450 labels do not have this NFC tag so they will not work in the Dymo 550.  This means that your Dymo 450 labels will not print in the Dymo 550 label printer. Purchase Dymo 450 compatible labels here from today!