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Custom Dymo Labels: An easy and efficient way to enhance your branding

Having graphics or logos pre-printed in full-color on your Dymo labels is the perfect way to add branding and flexibility to your labels.

Custom can pre-print your full-color graphics and logos on any of our brand Dymo compatible labels.


To get started, simply give us a call at 800-750-7764 or email us at Ask about our custom Dymo labels.


Once we know the type or size of the Dymo label you want to customize, we’ll request you send your graphics to

Typically, if you have a vector version of your logo or graphics, that will give you the best print results.

Not sure what that is? Read our art guide here.

Otherwise, we will need a 600 DPI version of your image or we may have to include some additional one-time art charges to get your artwork print-ready.

Why should I customize my Dymo labels?

Customizing your Dymo labels gives you the ability to cost-effectively brand your products, while still offering the flexibility of printing information on demand.

If you have a product line that changes frequently, or if you are using Dymo labels for name badges or shipping labels, then you need the flexibility to print new information on demand.

Pre-printing your logo or graphics on the Dymo compatible labels allows you to have a sharp looking label that is still printable.

Logo for Label

An example of pre-printed Dymo labels

Let’s say you own a company that produces honey and sells it at local farmer’s markets and produce stands.

Your business is doing pretty well and you’ve been using Dymo 30256 labels to label your jars. You have about 5 varieties of honey that you sell regularly.

You print your company name, an all black logo, and the flavor on the labels and apply them to the jars. This communicates the information, but you really want your product to look better.

Here’s the full-color logo to the right:

By having this logo pre-printed on the right side of the label, you can print the variety of honey in the space on the right. If your product varieties change over time, it won’t be a problem, because you are able to print these labels on demand with your LabelWriter printer.

No more worrying about high custom label minimum order quantities or leaving hundreds of labels on the shelves because you discontinue a flavor.

The end result?

Custom Dymo Product Labels

That’s the freedom that customizing your Dymo labels gives you.


Interested in a quote for your pre-printed full-color custom Dymo labels?

Give us a call at 800-750-7764.

We’ll provide flexible label solutions to meet your business’s specific needs.

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