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Custom Labels for Summer Barbecues, Brews and More!

Summertime is nearly here!

If you live in Florida, like us, the summer heat is already in full force. Summertime means lots of special events like picnics, barbecues, days at the pool, movie nights, vacations and other fun adventures.

If you’re planning a special event for the summer, like a big family picnic or company barbecue, one of the coolest ways to make sure your party is a hit is to design custom labels for your party’s theme.

If you’re a business owner, summer is on your customer’s minds, making it the perfect time to create and use summer-themed packaging. Here are a few different products you can customize online here at that are perfect for making your summer parties and products a big-time hit!

custom promotional product labels

The perfect way to brand your corporate event this summer.

1. Custom Water Bottle Labels

No matter what event you’re having this summer, you’re going to need water on hand to keep everyone hydrated. One of the best ways to brand your company get-togethers, networking events or other type of outreach is to design custom water bottle labels using your logo and summer designs. You can customize them online here and simply upload your logo or create your design and text online. It’s quick and free!

You can design water bottles for your own personal gatherings, as well, since they’re highly affordable and the minimum order is only 2 sheets of labels!

2. Custom Beer Bottle Labels

Custom Designed Beer Labels

Leave a lasting impression..

Having your adult friends over for a barbecue or party? What better way to make the party awesome than with custom labels on the beer bottles! You can design literally any label you could imagine – you could put an inside joke on the bottles, your family name, a neat design or anything else that you can think up.

Or – if your company has a press box for a baseball game or something similar, this is an great way to make your branding awesome. Put custom beer bottle labels with your company’s logo and info for clients. It’s an incredible talking point and an even cooler way to get your info out there than a standard business card.

You can design your custom beer bottle labels online here. It’s fast, easy and free and comes with stock templates and graphics to use when you’re creating your labels.

3. Custom Labels for Party Favors

For the kids, when you have birthday parties or picnics a great way to leave a great impression is to apply custom labels with the birthday or party theme to the party favors. Your kids will go wild when they see their own name or pictures on the candies or bags of goodies.

Fun tip: Scan a drawing your child has made and upload the image to our custom label creator. It will be an awesome, unique keepsake that will really put the icing on the cake of their birthday party.

custom party favor labels designed online

Example of a drawing scanned into our custom label creator.

custom labels for party favors

The finished product!

No matter what you’re planning for the dog days of summer, get creative and make some personalized stickers and labels to make your event once-in-a-lifetime!