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Shrink Sleeve Labeling for Breweries: Tampa Bay breweries utilize shrink sleeves is proud to be adding to its capabilities by offering shrink sleeves to breweries for all sizes of cans, printed right from our print facility in Tampa, Florida. Shrink sleeve labeling is becoming more popular in the established craft brewing industry, as it provides artwork, content and minimum order flexibility previously unachievable with traditional can printing.

Many of the Tampa Bay area’s breweries and other companies located across the nation have already used LabelValue’s new Shrink Sleeve capabilities for a variety of seasonal offerings.

Are you interested in shrink sleeves for your brewery’s cans?

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12 ounce shrink sleeves for cans

Shrink Sleeve Labeling is a Perfect Fit for Craft Breweries

Shrink sleeve labeling is an attractive option for craft breweries due to the low minimum quantities and artistic flexibility the medium lends.

Typically, ordering printed cans comes with large minimum quantities. This makes it difficult for small to medium sized operations to experiment with new ideas for brews and blends. Especially if a new variety of beer may have big question marks when it comes to demand. It can prove difficult for these breweries to risk spending thousands of dollars on tens of thousands of cans and product, only to have it flop after release.

Shrink sleeve is the perfect print medium for short-run brewery collaborations, limited edition batches, or event specific brews. Make on-the-fly edits and changes to your artwork with our state of the art digital printing technology.

With shrink sleeve labeling, breweries can order as few as 1,000 shrink sleeves, allowing them to try new brews and see how the market reacts. Tampa, Florida breweries have already utilized this with great success like Tampa Bay Brewing Company’s Florida Tart and this Fall’s variety of seasonal ales.


Florida Tart by Tampa Bay Brewing Company was a huge summer hit!

Shrink Sleeves for 12 ounce & 16 ounce cans

Our typical size offerings for shrink sleeves are standard 211 12 ounce and 16 ounce cans. We have produced a variety of shrink sleeves in these sizes and have templates and materials geared for these popular sizes.

Have a different size? Not a problem. We will create the templates you need to design your art and can produce the shrink sleeves your business needs.

Cover Up Printed Cans with Shrink Sleeves

Did you already order an overflow of printed cans for a beer that has been discontinued? No worries. We can help. We offer innovative solutions for covering up previously printed cans with our shrink sleeves for minimal added cost. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you use your once obsolete can inventory.

Contact Us Today for More Information or to Place Your Order

Are you interested in shrink sleeves for your brewery’s cans?

Contact us today for more info or to place your order!

We would love to hear about your project and how we can provide shrink sleeves that meet your business’s needs.