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Introducing SPLASH Variable Design: Variable Design For Your Packaging

Variable Design Printing using’s SPLASH  Labeling Technology

Variable Design Packaging utilizing SPLASH Variable Design technology is now accessible to businesses of all sizes for all types of marketing initiatives thanks to’s small business Indigo printed label and shrink sleeve solutions. We’ve invested in the best in packaging production technology, enabling your brand to compete with the stiffest competition on the store shelves.

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Thousands of unique combinations from a half-dozen designs: how the process works

Believe it or not, the technology that powers Mosaic SmartStream packaging makes it simple and easy to create virtually limitless combinations of unique designs. You simply create a few versions of sections of your artwork (like styled text, graphics, icons, etc) and then assign them certain parameters like a range of colors, patterns or sizes that you want to create. Then we set the designs up in the SmartStream designers and programmatically assign attributes and variables to mix, match and customize the elements of your design. The result? Up to thousands of unique combinations of design – all from just a few base files.




What Materials are Available?

This technology is available for any of our stock materials. Whether you want variable shrink sleeves, silver BOPP, clear plastic, semi-gloss paper, or kraft paper, you can apply this technology to any design and label.

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