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Beer Label Design Case Study: Alibi & Pro Se

Can you design some beer labels for me?

Trenam law firm has a shareholder, Eric Koenig, who brews his own beer as a hobby. Koenig is an extremely accomplished brewmaster, having won over 300 brewing medals over the past 20 years. He wanted to utilize his free time activity at his day job, by giving unique brews to clients and potential clients.

He came to with the inspiration for a Florida-themed Lemon Wheat Ale. After laying out his vision, our in-house graphic design team set to work to make it  a reality. The result was Alibi Lemon Wheat Ale:

Beer Label Design 1

Koenig loved the label and we loved the amazing sample beers he brought the team as a thank you. After a few months, fall was upon us and he had an idea for a new beer and beer label.

He envisioned a hard cider with a theme that really invoked the Autumn season. The result of this new concept was Pro Se Hard Cider with Pumpkin:

Custom Beer Label Designs

All in all, we loved working with Koenig and the labels that resulted were some of our favorites to date. There’s nothing more exciting for us than to meet with a new customer to come up with an amazing label design.

Here are what the two designs looked like next to each other:

Custom Beer Label Designs

If you’re in the market for custom labels and need some help with your design or need a design completed from scratch, call us at 800-750-7764. We look forward to working as a part of your team!