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How To Turn Your Child’s Art Into Real Stickers With These 6 Easy Steps!

fathers_day_stickers_As parents, if we could plaster our children’s drawings everywhere we go, we would gladly do so. The silly, cute drawings are a continual source of joy for us. Did we really create a human being that is capable of creating something beautiful? It’s truly amazing. But too often, those wonderful paintings and drawings get relegated exclusively to the refrigerator or a scrapbook. With custom sheet label stickers you can preserve that innocence and attach their artwork to whatever you carry with you.

Step One:

To get started, head over to our Labels Tab at the top of the page. In the drop down menu, you’ll find a wide range of label choices. Under Shop Pre-Printed Labels, click Custom Sheet Labels. From there you’ll be able to choose the general shape of your stickers. Which brings us to…

Step Two:

You’ll be taken to a product page with various sticker shapes. Choose the one best suited to bring your child’s artwork to life. Once you clicked on a template, you’ll be taken to a product information page. There will be a large green button with the words, “Customize This Label.” Click it.

Step Three:

You’ll arrive at a sort of art workshop. Choose either the “Upload Image” option, or the “drop images” here option. Honestly, it’s whatever floats your boat. Both options will allow you to edit the sticker label image, with options like brightness and opacity and blur and sharpen presenting themselves.

Step Four:

Play around with the image, until you get the desired size. There will be a black silhouette around the image with black boxes at certain points along it. If you click and drag these boxes, you’ll be able to reshape and resize that section of the label art.fathers_day_stickers_2

Step Five:

Framing the workshop center is a thick gray border with a bevy of buttons. With these, you can rotate the image left or right, add text or graphics. If your child has a business, say a lemonade stand or a dog motel, you can add a QR code that when scanned by a smartphone can open up a website, or calendar event or other options. Explore these options until you find one that best speaks to your child’s talent for making pictures that critique the commercialization of art in the internet age or, you know, show off the dog. Those are nice, too.

Step Six:

You can save your label if you want to continue working on it later. If so, you’ll be asked to log-in, or create a new account and name your label. This part takes only a minute or two. Or you can press the green “Preview my Label,” button and get this show on the road.   

You’re Ready Now:

You should be at the check-out page now. You’ll be given a run down of your label information. As well as the option to select the material and quantity of your label stickers. Your price information will appear, and you’ll have the option of auto renewing, just in case you run out. If you only need the sticker for this one time, click the “auto order” drop-down menu and select “One Time Order.” From there, you can hit “I approve my label,” and then “add to cart.”

Thanks for reading! We hope your little one is overjoyed with their gift.

These custom label stickers aren’t for just kids. If you’re looking for custom labels for your business consider giving LabelValue a try. We’d love to help.

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