4 Best Shrink Sleeve Can Designs this month

We've recently expanded our product offering to include shrink sleeves and specifically shrink sleeves for cans.

Shrink sleeves for cans offer the ultimate flexibility when it comes to cost and design options. With low minimum quantities for our shrink sleeves, breweries and other types of companies can create unique, short-run varieties of their products affordably. Shrink Sleeves for cans also allow companies to design 360-degree packaging, maximizing the product advertising space. With no limit to the number of colors and with a variety of finishes available, like cold-foils, designers can create truly stunning packages that jump off store shelves.

Here's a roundup of our 4 favorite shrink sleeve designs we produced this month. With these projects, you can get inspiration for your next shrink sleeve label and learn more about how the shrink sleeve labeling process will work for your cans and products.

1. Rising Hope IPA by Cigar City Brewing & Brew Bus Brewing

A collaboration brew with all proceeds benefiting the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

12 ounce shrink sleeve can for cancer research

This project was amazing to work on. Not only were the collaborative brew's proceeds dedicated to an incredible cause, pediatric cancer research, but we were also able to put together some unique solutions to get the design to look the way the teams at Brew Bus, Cigar City and PP+K advertising wanted it to look.

The 12 ounce can's shrink sleeve design featured the Rising Hope logo, which was the name of the campaign surrounding this special release IPA, to raise money and awareness for the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation. Surrounding the logo was a stylized word-art set of sun rays, created from the words "Persevere. Battle. Courageous." and "Fearless. Gutsy. Determined". Splaying outward from the center was more word-art featuring facts about pediatric cancer, designed to raise awareness to the overwhelming challenges that those with childhood cancer face and the staggering statistics on funding for pediatric cancer.

The design team wanted the can's logo to really stand out and draw people in so that they would then see the rest of the information on the can. The ultimate goal for the product's packaging was to raise awareness about the current state of pediatric cancer and research in the US.

To accomplish this cost-effectively, we were able to apply an opacity to the Rising Hope logo, allowing the metallic features of the aluminum can to show through. The end result was a bright, shimmery gold appearing logo that really stands out when the light bounces off of it.

We were truly honored to be able to work on this can and help this project be a success.

2. Pig Jig Lager by Florida Avenue Brewing Company

12 ounce shrink sleeve can for fundraiser

Next up is Pig Jig Lager by Florida Avenue Brewing Company. This 12 ounce shrink sleeve can was produced for Florida Avenue Brewing Company's specialty Pig Jig lager, created for release at the Tampa Pig Jig annual fundraiser. The Tampa Pig Jig is described on the Pig Jig website as follows:

The Tampa Pig Jig is an annual fundraiser event hosted on downtown Tampa’s beautiful waterfront featuring live music, great food, a BBQ competition, drinks and games. The event benefits the NephCure Kidney International, the only non-profit organization committed to supporting research, improving treatment and finding a cure for the debilitating kidney disease, FSGS (Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis) and Nephrotic Syndrome. Over the past 6 years, the Tampa Pig Jig has raised over $2,000,000 with all proceeds benefiting NephCure.

The can's design is really fun, with hidden pigs throughout the design and the challenge, "How many pigs can you find?"

Again, we were honored to be able to produce some spectacular artwork for a fundraiser event. The flat white color of the can came out really beautifully as well, making this one of our favorite shrink sleeve can designs.

3. Gourds Gone Wild by Tampa Bay Brewing Company

16 ounce sasonal shrink sleeve

Gourds Gone Wild Pumpkin Ale, by Tampa Bay Brewing Company, was another fantastic beer can shrink sleeve design we got to work on in September. With fall descending upon us (though don't tell us fall is here, it's still 90 degrees + in Tampa Bay!), a bevy of fall-themed brews are hitting the store shelves everywhere. One of our favorites is this delicious pumpkin ale from TBBC.

This shrink sleeve was for a 16oz can and presented some unusual challenges. From a previous order of a beer that TBBC has since discontinued, the brewing company had thousands of unused, pre-printed cans. In order to cover the massive hit in unused inventory, LabelValue came up with a solution to covering these pre-printed cans without any of the old artwork showing through.

Through the use of a cold-foil backing, we were able to print the artwork and solidly blot out the design that exists underneath.

Between that use of creativity and the wild Jack-o-Lantern style used in the art, this was definitely one of our favorites to work on.

4. Raspberry Berliner Weisse by Florida Avenue Brewing Company

This next offering from Florida Avenue Brewing Company was visually extremely different from what you typically see in the beer section of your local supermarket. And trust us, being different is a good thing here.

This berliner weisse, featuring raspberry flavor, needed a can design that reflected the fruit-based refreshing nature of this beer. Consider the design mission-accomplished.

The inviting teal, pink and burgundy color scheme, coupled with the stylized raspberries floating in the sky represent this beer well. We loved how well the colors came across on these 12 ounce can shrink sleeves printed on our Indigo 6800 digital series press. The shrink sleeve labels were truly stunning!

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