10 Inspirational Beer Label Designs

Awesome Beer Label Designs start with awesome inspiration

Designing things is hard. Plain and simple. To create an awesome design, you have to have a great plan of action. Killer inspiration and a rock-solid understanding of your product and your brand are essential.

No area of packaging design is more saturated than the craft beer market. Unique, personality filled packaging isn't just important - it's a necessity. But you already know this, that's why you're here. You need inspiration.

As custom label manufacturers, we've learned how important it is to have a strong inspiration before you start. So we've compiled 10 inspirational beer label designs that we think will help you on your journey.

You can always upload your designs to our custom label design tool and order a handful of labels to sample. Or if you're ready to have a large run design printed professionally, call us at 800-750-7764. We can print your custom beer label design quickly, cost-effectively and professionally. Note, we did not produce or have any association with the companies or designers below. We are simply sharing them as inspiration.

Now to the list...

1. Salva - A Beer a Day

10 Inspirational Beer Label Designs

This Brazilian brewery focuses a different variety of beer for each day of the week. The main logo and format stays the same, while each day uses a different background color and represents a different type of beer - from IPAs to Porters. By using seven unique, but complimentary designs, Salva maintains great brand identity while showing off personality and variety.

2. Sandbar Sunday - Light, Fun, & Full of Personality

Fun Island Beer Label Design

Being based in Tampa, Florida, we have a soft spot for fun, beachy themes. Few do it better than this Florida Keys company, Islamorada. The fun personality and laid-back feel comes from the unique, all-caps typography and the light and simple color scheme. The design adds a nice touch where the yellow and blue cross over with the pelican/sign background to form a nice green color. The shimmery finish adds class and professionalism to this relaxing beer label design.

3. DFW - A perfect collaboration


DFW is an amazing example of a collaboration beer. Craft brewers love beards, and none pull off using beards in packaging design better than this. The simple color scheme and detailed beards give this bottle depth and help it to stand out.

4. Perinto - Simple, Clean, Themed Design


Oftentimes, your beer will have a strong theme and backstory to support it. The trick with that is conveying your theme in a professional way, without overdoing it. A perfect example of this are these Perinto beverages. Uniquely flavored and uniquely French in background, these labels showcase the French flair with the fleur de lis, and unique script font. The color choices are excellent and we love the silver border, used here for added depth. If you're looking to create a themed series of beers, keep these in mind.

5. Vonu - Classy, Island Professionalism

Classy Beer Label Design

If class is what you're looking for, take a cue from this Fiji Island brew. Vonu maintains the Fiji island theme with the sea turtle logo, but the simplicity and clean design together with the gold stamp finish takes the class of this design to the next level. If professional and classy is your thing, these are the types of style themes you should emulate.

6. Brucuta - Party All Night

crazy beer label design

Here's a complete 180 degree turn from the clean Vonu design. While these labels are clean and professional, they're for the person who wants to party all night. The dancing werewolf is a fun and unique design and showcases a ton of personality. We really love these labels.

7. Mad Malt - Unique, Creative, Celebratory

celebratory label design

Designed to pair with chef specialties and for celebratory purposes, these labels are a really creative, outside-the-box way of doing things. While they look like ribbon wrapped around a bottle, these are actually one single label. The design creates an illusion of depth and is a unique take on specialty beers designed for celebrations. Thinking outside the box is always a great way to create a strong brand voice.

8. Kas - Classic, Clean, American


On the other side, you have Kas. Not outside the box at all, but so nicely designed it jumps out at you. The red white and blue theme compliments the classic elements used in creating the labels. These labels don't overdo it, and carry so much understated personality.

9.  Jaker - Creative orientation - bilingual


This is a really interesting label designed for a festival that draws both English and Spanish speaking people. The name is perfectly mirrored in this design, making it legible either way, up or down. This is a really creative way to accomplish a purpose. I'm sure it led to many oohs and ahhs at the party!

10. Abadia - Simple materials, simple design, striking results


These labels, while more simplistic than the rest, carry a lot of professionalism, personality and class. The white space used here compliments the clean black font and makes the background design really pop. If you're not sure which direction to take your beer label design, using these design concepts is a great place to start and make sure you get a great looking finished product.

So there you have it. Those are 10 designs that we really like for beer bottles. We hope they help you get inspired. If you want to start creating your own beer labels, you can start here online for free. We have a bunch of templates and elements to get you started. You can order as few as a dozen, just to get an idea of what your design would look like.