Louisiana Polling Facilities Use Neat Personalized "I Voted" Stickers

Custom I Voted Stickers for Louisianna

This election season, when Louisiana voters head to the polls, they'll be receiving a special treat in the form of a custom "I Voted" sticker.

Secretary of State Tom Schedler released Louisiana's 2016 "I Voted Sticker" design on Monday.

The sticker design contains the classic "I Voted" text, but features circular artwork with George Rodrigue's Blue Dog in front of an American flag backdrop.

The well-known Blue Dog is an iconic representation of Rodrigue's work reflecting the Louisiana bayou that he called home.


"I Voted" Stickers have become an essential part of election day. With the capabilities that digital label printing allows, we hope to see more and more polling places use custom printed I Voted Stickers.

They're a fantastic way to draw attention to performing your civic duty. An almost collector's item type sticker like Louisiana's Blue Dog I Voted Sticker should create even more buzz around the voting process, drawing more individuals out to vote, discuss and share their experience on social media.

Drawing attention to cultural items, such as the Blue Dog painting, is an amazing way to further connect the act of voting to the lived reality of culture in an area. While it may seem small, these gestures can have long-term positive impacts on citizen's perceptions of their government and strengthen their connection to their local community.

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