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Waterproof Your Beer Labels: 5 Ways to Waterproof from Homebrewer to the Established Brewery

10 Minute Read – – – How to Waterproof Your Beer Labels Whether you’re crafting a beer label for an upcoming party or event, you’re a hobbyist who homebrews their own batches, or you run a large-scale craft brewery operation, you know the process of creating and finding awesome, durable and waterproof labels can be difficult….

The new GMO labeling bill that just passed the senate: what you need to know

NOTE: On July 7, 2016 the Senate passed a GMO labeling bill that would require manufacturers to label GMO ingredients. The bill will now be passed to the House of Representatives. The back story: On July 1, Vermont became the first state in the country to have legislation go into effect requiring GMO ingredients to…

Ensure Employee and Customer Safety With Safety Labels

The use of safety labels and signs are legally required in specific environments, however all business owners should consider the use of warning labels even if their products don’t seem to be dangerous on the surface. Some industries pose more risks than others – food and beverage, chemical and medical offices, electrical services, industrial jobsites,…

115 Surveyed in Blind Taste Test: Said “Organic Food” Tasted Better

Organic Food Tastes Better? No one can deny that organic products are part of a growing health trend. And while any movement towards supporting sustainable practices and discouraging the use of unnecessary pesticides is a good thing, there is also a great deal of confusion surrounding the term “organic” and what it really means. Cornell…