Review Of The Top Label Makers Currently Available

The best label makers are versatile, durable, and ultimately print labels in the simplest way possible. The best label maker for you, however, depends on what you need to label, where you need to label, and how you like to label. Today, we'll take a look at our picks for the best label makers. We'll compare two top industrial label makers, highlighting their differences, two personal/business use label makers with strong feature sets and what we find to be the top one-handed, mobile, personal use label maker.

Best Label Makers

Rhino 4200 Industrial Label Maker - $69.95

The Rhino 4200 is the more affordable of the two options we will review here. As such, it's feature set isn't quite as rich as the Dymo XTL 300, but depending on your needs, it very likely might be the right label maker for you.

The 4200 is perfect for anyone who needs to pump out labels quickly and requires a durable, mobile label maker. The Rhino 4200 comes with a library of over 150 symbols, features the popular QWERTY style keyboard and has a good sized LCD display.

This is the entry-level label maker in the Rhino line, and is the most affordable. Just because it isn't the more expensive option doesn't mean it lacks in features though. One really nice component of the 4200 is the ability to use "hot keys" for one touch label making. The interface is relatively intuitive and with the guide book, labeling with the 4200 quickly becomes second nature.

The real strength of the 4200 at this price is the wide variety of labels that it can print. Flexible nylon, polyester, vinyl or even heat-shrink tubing can be labeled with the 4200. The label maker cuts close to the margins as well, meaning you won't waste tape as with many competitor's models.

If you're looking for an affordable jobsite printer that is rugged and durable, but don't need a specific function or expansive feature set that the higher end models provide, the Rhino 4200 is the industrial label maker for you.

Want to purchase the Rhino 4200?

Dymo Rhino 4200 Label Maker

Dymo Rhino 4200 Label Printer - $69.95






Dymo XTL 300 Industrial Label Kit - $230.99

Next up is the recently released Dymo XTL 300 Industrial Label Maker. The XTL series of label makers (300 & 500) are designed to be the most powerful, yet intuitive industrial label makers available. With an incredibly robust feature set, newly developed Dymo ID software, nearly unlimited label material options and even a touch screen on the 500 model, these are the most innovative and versatile industrial label printers available.

We recommend the XTL 300 Label Maker Kit, because it offers the better value than the 500. However, if the touch screen is a feature you want, the 500 is the way to go, and yes, if that's important to you, it's worth the extra money.

The XTL 300 is just as rugged and durable, if not more so, than the Rhino 4200. The XTL 300 has a QWERTY keyboard as well, with nice tactile buttons that give great feedback when you press them. The 2.8" display is vivid full-color and lifelike, which is nice especially when printing the colorful, pre-printed warning labels that are available. The cutter is built-in and easily replaceable when or if the blade ever dulls.

The Dymo ID software contains virtually every pre-set template you could need for industrial labeling jobs. You can print barcodes easily from the XTL. As for label materials, the XTL prints labels from 1/4" up to 1" wide. It can print heat-shrink tubes, pre-sized, pre-printed labels using a thermal transfer printing system, flexible cable wraps, continuous labels, as well as all-purpose vinyl labels. Virtually anything you could wish to print, you can print with the XTL.

The kit listed here comes with an AC charging adapter, rechargeable battery, 1 all-purpose vinyl label cartridge, 1 laminated cable wrap cartridge, a carrying case, lanyard and quick start guide - everything you need to get started.

Overall, this is a powerful little piece of machinery that will have you labeling at your jobsite quickly and efficiently. If you're looking for a robust industrial label maker option, the XTL series is for you.


Dymo XTL 300 Industrial Label Kit - $230.99


Dymo LetraTag Plus Personal Label Maker - $31.95

Finally, we have the Dymo LetraTag Plus Personal Label Maker. This is the ideal label maker for the person who is on the run, oftentimes juggling different tasks and needing a mobile, accessible and easy to use label maker. The design is meant to be used in one hand, and has a large LCD display to help you see what you're creating even at a distance.

The tapes that the LetraTag uses can be iron-on, laminated, metallic or plastic. It has 5 font sizes, 7 stylings and different box and frame options.

Some unique features of the LetraTag are the ability to print date stamps and 3 different programmed languages. This is the only label maker on the list that uses an ABC type keyboard, which goes with its purpose of being a one-handed machine.

All in all, this is a cheap, portable and flexible label maker that is ideal for most basic labelers out there.

Dymo LetraTag Plus Personal Label MakerDymo LetraTag Plus Personal Label Maker - $31.95