Biohazard Labels 4" x 4" Square

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    Multi Use BioHazard Labels

    A Biohazard Label warns humans of a health risk. These health risks include microorganisms, toxins, human waste or sharp objects. Certify your compliance when using biohazard materials. 

    Transporting Infectious substances including medical waste is regulated as hazardous material under the U.S department of transportation (DOT's) hazardous materials regulation (HMR; 49 C.F.R., Parts 171-180). This includes transportation by air, highway, rail or water. These regulations involve labeling, marking, placarding, using proper containers, and reporting discharges. To transport hardous waste you must have an EPA identification number. If you dont have this you can apply using EPA form 8700-12. 

    Our Bright Biohazard Label feature's the standard biohazard logo with text. They measure 4" x 4", and are printed on high quality labels with a permanent label adhesive.

    • 250 Labels Per Roll
    • 4" Square
    • Bright Red/Orange Coloring
    • Biohazard Symbol & Text
    • High Quality Label Paper
    • Permanent Adhesive
    • Free Shipping, No Minimums Or Maximums
    • Made In USA

    Medical Biohazard Labels

    Medical facilities use biohazard labels for safety precautions. Use these labels for Biosafety BSL-1, BSL-2, BSL-3, or BSL-4.

    Biohazard labels for:

    • Category A UN 2814
    • Category B UN 2900
    • Category B UN 3373

    Biohazard Transportation Labels 

    Label biohazard waste for drums or containers when in transportation to stay compliant with DOT regulations. 

    Workers must be trained on how to pack and ship biohazard materials according to the CDC. Specimens should be shipped at 2-8 °C with ice packs in a special leakproof container.

    BioSafety Level Labels 

    More than 500,000 workers are employed in laboratories across America. Laboratory safety is governed by state and federal regulations. OSHA has also formulated rules to help keep laboratories safe when interacting with biohazard agents. 

    Keep your lab compliant with Biosafety level 1, 2, 3 and 4 labels. Biosafety Level 4 is the most dangerous,  Examples are the Ebola virus, the Lassa virus, and any agent with unknown risks of pathogenicity and transmission.

    Buy Custom Biohazard Labels 

    Do you need a custom Biohazard printed label?  Just let us know! We can help make custom labels exactly for your needs. Or give us a call at 1-800-750-7764 and let our customer service team place your custom label order. 


    *Please make sure to follow all local and federal laws when using biohazard labels.


    Labels Per Roll 250
    Shape Square
    Width 4.0000 "
    Length 4.0000 "
    Label Material Paper
    Adhesive Permanent
    Color Red
    Minimum Order Quantity 1