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10 Facts About Custom Labels

10 custom label facts

The first custom label was manufactured and invented in the 1800's. 

While there isn't a specific "invention" date for custom labels, their evolution has been influenced by advancements in printing technology.

The Industrial Revolution in the 18th and 19th centuries was the result of mass production.

This made it more important for consistent branding and identification. This led to the development of standardized labels that were often pre-printed with company logos, product name, and other information. Many of these labels were one color black print on non adhesive paper that was glued to the glass bottle. 

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How Long Do Direct Thermal Labels last? 

How Long Do Direct Thermal Labels last? 

Direct thermal labels are an essential component of many businesses that use printer labels from small businesses, large businesses, and all retail stores. 

Direct thermal labels are popular for printing simple one color black custom labels on demand for a specific use. Usually, these labels are for shipping labels, box labels, barcode labels or prescription labels. All of these labels contain specific information such as a person's name and medicine, a barcode, or shipping address.

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Understanding Pet Product Labeling & Pet Food Packaging Requirements

pet labels and requirements

Pet owners are more conscious than ever about the products they buy for their furry friends.

Pet labels are labels that are placed on bags or containers of pet food to provide information about the contents of the food. All Pet labels must include certain information, such as the brand name, product name, net weight of the food, and a list of ingredients by law. 

The pet label must also indicate whether the pet food meets the nutritional requirements of pets for a specific life stage, such as puppies or senior dogs, and provide information about the minimum levels of crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber, and moisture in the food. 

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Amazon's Cost-Cutting Measures Removes Many Private Label Brands

amazon reduces private label brands

Amazon is reducing its lineup of private label brands as part of a broader strategy to control costs, according to confirmation provided to CNBC by the company.

Apart from the wide array of products offered by external vendors and well-known brands, Amazon also markets items produced in-house, akin to store-brand merchandise. The range of Amazon's private label brands has expanded rapidly over time and encompasses items such as Goodthreads clothing, Rivet furniture, Presto paper towels, and Amazon Basics batteries.

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Make Custom AC Service Stickers For Your HVAC Company

AC Service Stickers For HVAC Companies

In the HVAC industry, it is essential to have an efficient system of tracking maintenance, repair, and service history. AC service stickers are an essential tool for recording such information. These stickers are designed to be placed on air conditioning units or HVAC equipment to provide important information such as the date of service, the name of the technician, and any recommended follow-up work. 

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5 Industries That Rely On Custom Labels Everyday

Industries that use custom labels

Custom labels are an important tool used across many different industries to help identify products, dangers, warnings and other important messages. 

These labels are used in a variety of ways, including to display the name of a product, its contents, its manufacturer, and other important information. In this blog article, we will explore the various industries that use custom labels, including the mechanical, industrial, food, pharmaceutical, and medical industries, and discuss the benefits of using custom labels in each of these industries.

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