What Size Label Should I Use for Custom E-Liquid and Vape Products?

Below are the common sizes for E-liquid bottles and the corresponding label sizes that we recommend. However, each bottle and packaging is unique so please measure your bottles and containers thoroughly before purchasing labels.

Looking for information on CBD product labeling guidelines? Read our in-depth article on the do's and don'ts of CBD product labels.

Custom Labels for a 5ml E-Liquid Bottle

E-Liquid 5ml Bottle

If you use 5ml bottles, we would recommend a 1" x 0.625" label.

Get a quick online custom label quote on this size label for larger product lines (generally 500+ labels for example).

Looking for a Dymo label?

- Our Dymo 30333 label is 1" x 0.5" making it a great size for these tiny E-liquid bottles. You can print these on demand with a label printer. 








Labels for a 10ml E-Liquid Bottle

10ml Custom E-Liquid Label Bottle

For typical 10ml E-Liquid bottles we recommend a 2.125" x 0.75" label. Again, make sure to measure the exact dimensions of your E-liquid bottles to see if this is the right size for your packaging.









Labels For A 15ml E-Liquid Bottle

15ml Custom Eliquid Label BottleThe 15ml bottle is one of the most common E-Liquid sizes there is. this is a common size for larger product lines that are distributed to various E-Cig and Vape shops in a region. We recommend using a 2.5" x 1" label size. 











30ml E-Liquid Bottle for Custom Labels

Labels for a 30ml Bottle

The largest of common E-Liquid bottle sizes, our recommendation for this bottle is a 3" x 1.5" custom label. If your 30ml bottle measures differently, call and speak to one of our friendly custom label experts at 800-750-7764. They'll make sure you get the perfect label for your specific bottle and situation.