can produce virtually any label size with our flexible printing methods. This means that your size options aren't limited with us. We can work with a variety of shapes and designs as well.

The label size you choose should be based on your design and product. Here are some recommendations on how to choose the best label size for your custom beer label. 

Popular Custom Beer Labels consist of three main categories.

1. Partial Wrap Labels

2. Full Wrap Labels

  • These are the more traditional labels and typically wrap around the entire circumference of the beer bottle.

  • Include variety of rectangles and custom sizes depending on your bottle size.

3. Bottle Neck Labels

  • These labels are a great way to display additional information such as awards or your brewery's tagline. 

  • These come in a variety of custom sizes, but are typically something close to the 1" x 3" Rectangles.

We recommend you measure your product thoroughly and work with one of our custom label experts to make sure that your custom beer label is the perfect size for your product and design.