What size custom beer label is best?

The best size label depends on the bottle or packaging you are using. Here's information on how to choose a label size and popular custom beer label sizes.

What info is mandatory for my custom beer label?

There are many requirements and protocols for labeling beer for sale. For more info on your specific label, view our mandatory info links and resources

Can you help design my custom beer label?

Yes, in order to provide the best possible service and options for our customers, we offer graphic design services at an hourly rate. Here's more custom label design information.

Will my labels be waterproof?

This depends on the type of material and finish you choose. If you go with one of our short run custom beer labels, they are made out of polypropelene (plastic film) which is wate resistant and durable. Find out more about your label's durability and water resistance.

Are My Labels Made in the USA

All of LabelValue.com custom beer labels are manufactured in the USA. We are based in sunny Tampa, Florida, where we are really enjoying the emerging craft beer scene. We couldn't be happier to have the opportunity to deliver quality, American made products to our customers.

What information should go on my custom bottle neck label?

The bottle neck label is a great way to add interesting information and design elements to your beer bottle. Typically, the bottle neck label is the perfect spot to include any special facts about the beer, awards or a creative, eye-grabbing design. 

What Shapes Can I Choose?

Your custom beer label can be designed with whatever colors, shapes and sizes you wish. That being said, some shapes will have more difficulty adhering to your bottles and packaging. Additionally, they may have durability issues.

Since no two custom labels are the same, we recommend you check out some of our samples and discuss exactly what you're looking for with one of our custom label experts. 

Have a question that was answered here? Please contact us. We will be happy to help make sure your custom beer labeling needs are met!


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