Social Media and the Beauty They might be a fashion resource, but if you're in the cosmetic and beauty industries, you should take note. While fashion and clothing has long ago transitioned to the social media landscape of 2015, the cosmetic industry is just now fully making the transition.

If you're going to be a relevant brand and have relevant products, it's time to get innovative. takes advantage of the popularity of fashion bloggers and their Instagram accounts. When instagram users sign up to follow their favorite models or bloggers, they can subscribe to and receive full collections of the piece or design they liked on Instagram. The crazy part is, it goes directly and instantly to their email inbox. 

As beauty and makeup bloggers have become exceedingly popular with the cosmetic industry's core demographic, figure out innovative ways to have a presence on visual social media like YouTube and Instagram. 

As the landscape continues to change, cosmetic brands that don't adapt and get creative in the social sphere will no doubt be left behind.