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Custom Labels for your Lip Balm

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Whether you are creating lip balm as gifts for your family and friends or producing it in larger quantities to sell, homemade lip balms are typically a step above the rest in terms of quality.

With little or no preservatives, artificial coloring or artificial sweeteners, your homemade lip balm will leave lips feeling softer and moister than ever. With a unique, one-of-a-kind lip balm like this, you will want packaging to reflect the quality of your product.

Professional Custom Lip Balm Labels

Professional, custom designed lip balm labels will add that “something special” to your product, and with our digital printing presses, we can provide you with an eye-


catching label that is both beautiful and affordable.

Moreover, since we can print multiple versions of the same size of label thanks to our digital printing technology, you have the flexibility of creating many different lip balms of the same size at no additional setup or plate cost.

To better understand how affordable our custom label prices really are, get an online quote now. You can also speak to one of our custom label experts now by calling


Foil Stamp/Embossed Custom Lip Balm Labels:

Catch the consumer’s eye by adding shine and shimmer to your lip gloss with an addition such as a gold or silver border. Foil stamping or embossing is the perfect way to add a touch of elegance to your product.

Clear Lip Balm Labels:

Does your lip balm come in a beautiful jar or tin that reflects a style all its own? Rather than cover it up with a label, consider using a clear label that reflects a smooth sophistication and allows your container and the product within shine through.

Waterproof/Oil-Resistant Lip Balm Labels:

Protect your design with our permanent adhesive, water resistant labeling, sure to withstand wet or oily hands.


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