Feature Friday: Internet Postage Labels

Internet postage labelsI don’t know about you, but few things frustrate me more than trips to the post office (they’re right up there with trips inside the bank). It always seems as though the post office is far out of my way, never convenient, and it’s challenging to rearrange my schedule to get there during business hours so I can go inside. And once there, there is, inevitably, a line that increases my frustration (and the time the endeavor takes) ten-fold.

There are, however, ways to avoid this aggravation: internet postage labels!

Dymo 30915 Internet Postage Labels are the perfect solution to avoiding those frustrating trips to the post office. You can quickly and easily print the accurate postage from offline (assuming you have an accurate weight for your package – for this I would recommend a postal scale).

And if you calculate the extra money you save on gas (not to mention time and aggravation), you are actually saving money by using internet postage labels.

As one of our customers says,

Saves time going to the Post office. I bought two label rolls initially. When I use up one roll I know it's time to order one more. LabelValue is excellent at processing the order quickly and the price is very good.

Does the idea of saving time and money appeal to you? Visit us online at LabelValue.com to check out our selection of internet postage labels.