7 Reasons to Buy Made in the USA this President’s Day

  1. Made in the usaBuying American-made products supports not only American workers, but also supports safe working conditions and child labor laws, regulations often overlooked in foreign countries.
  2. Purchasing American manufacturing helps to keep the world a little cleaner, since there are more regulations in the US surrounding manufacturing and the processes are much cleaner for the environment than those found in other countries.
  3. Since the US, unlike many other countries, have an outrageously low minimum wage, purchasing American made products contributes to the idea that an honest day’s work deserves a honest wages.
  4. Purchasing American manufacturing means you support American independence and reduce our dependence on other countries for those goods.
  5. The US trade deficit leads to massive borrowing from other countries.
  6. One of Americans’ greatest concerns is with the safety of their purchases, particularly food and toys. Safety standards for foreign goods are low, unfortunately. Feel confident in the safety of products by purchasing American goods that fall under American consumer protection laws and safety standards.
  7. Purchasing American-made goods keep jobs here and the economy growing.

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