Why You Can’t Afford to NOT Own a Label Printer

Today I am going to try to convince you in 5 minutes or less why you need to invest in a label printer if you don’t have one.

Yes I realize that if you don’t own a label printer you’re probably using your inkjet printer and just exchanging your regular printer paper for labels every time you need to print an address label. 

Your first argument against purchasing a label printer, if you don’t own one already, is that you don’t need one. You print very few labels and can get by with your inkjet just fine.

However, I had to ask…how many is “very few”?

Would you say your business prints one label per day?

Why don’t we make the assumption that once a day, someone in your business needs to print a label, whether it’s for a file folder, an address label, a shelf, or something else?

Let’s do the math…

It takes you only one minute to change and replace the media twice a day. That’s one minute to get out the sheet labels, remove printer paper, replace it with the sheet labels, get back to your desk, make sure that your template is set up correctly according to your sheet labels and hit print. It may even take more than that, but for the sake of argument, let’s say it takes one.

Then it takes another minute to remove the labels and replace them with regular printer paper.

So assuming you do that once a day, five days per week. That adds up to 10 mintues per week.

That 10 minutes per week, when multiplied by the 52 weeks of the year, adds up to 520 minutes per year, which comes out to 8.67 hours.

Over eight hours a year spent changing labels out on your printer. That’s wasted time and wasted money, when you could simply set up the label in the template, hit print and immediately have it printed on your label printer.

Nor does the cost of your label printer have to be expensive. The Dymo LabelManager PnP is extremely affordable, for example. Simply plug it into your computer and start producing labels. It really is that simple. Right now, the Dymo PnP is available for just $52. Far less expensive than the cost of those 8 hours wasted.

So…have I convinced you? A small investment in a label printer versus over 8 hours wasted each year?