Purchases Digital Color Press to Better Serve Digital Market

In a continued effort to meet the needs of its customers, has added a digital color press to its collection of printing presses. With this new press, will be able to offer labels and hang tags with high quality, fast turnaround and at a lower cost for short run print jobs.

This new printer provides a variety of color tools and sophisticated color management controls, functionality that is important for customers who value exact color matching.
Paul Puleo, co-owner of, says, “For years, we have been providing quality, affordable solutions for customers with large run print jobs. With this new printer, we look forward to better serving our customers who have short runs.”
Mark Callison, Puleo’s business partner, adds, “This printer provides new digital printing technology for custom label as well as hang tags. It also allows us to offer extremely affordable pricing as well as incredibly fast turnaround – all without compromising quality, which is our main focus here at”

To learn more about our new printing capabilities or to speak to us about your own custom labels, visit us online or or contact us today.