How To Get Your Direct Mail Opened

Since we are beginning a new year, I know many are already making plans for what you can do to grow your business in 2013. For that reason, I thought an easy marketing tip might be in order.

I’ve worked in the marketing departments at several different companies and I noticed that almost every one of them faces the same problem: how do I get my direct mail opened?

Getting your mail opened is probably one of the greatest challenges marketing departments face. You produce a beautiful marketing piece, send it out, and it goes straight to the trash. However, the key to conquering this challenge is changing the style, size or format of the mailer.

Try using an envelope that is larger or a different shape than the traditional envelope. Do keep in mind, however, that you may face extra postage charges.

Another idea is to place teaser copy on the outside of envelopes, something that compels them to open the envelope to find out more information.

One idea our customers like is to use colored address labels on envelopes. Using a bright orange, yellow or red address label grabs the attention of their customers and, at the very least, compels them to take a closer look at the mailer.

Here at, we recently sent out our new veterinary catalogs with bright veterinary labels on the sides, holding it closed. The labels served the purpose of keeping the catalog sealed and extremely eye catching.

So…in summary: next time you send out a mailer, try something that will grab the eye. Use an envelope that is an unusual size or shape. Or, if you don’t want to incur the extra postage… just add a brightly colored address label that will be sure to get your mail noticed.