How to Draw More Sales Around Valentine’s Day

Valentines day labelsAs I mentioned a couple days ago, the Valentine’s Day holiday is just weeks around the corner. If you manufacture a product that is appropriate as a Valentine’s Day gift, you may want to consider creating custom labels for Valentine’s Day.

According to a recent press release, The Olive Oil Source, a manufacturer of olive oil related products, added new creative label options to their boutique website, allowing consumers to create their own custom bottled olive oil and vinegar labels for Valentine’s Day. Using a simple program, customers can build personalized bottles of their favorite olive oils and vinegars, adding their own messaging and images and making the bottles truly their own.

This idea by The Bottle Source embraces the concept of personalized customization. There has been a definite trend across most industries in recent years to allow for greater personalization. You have seen it in the entertainment industry, with theme park rides offering a more personalized, interactive experience. Now you are seeing it in the retail industry.

While creating a customization feature on your website may be a ways off for you, it’s not too late to consider customizing your labels for Valentine’s Day…or other holidays down the road.

Customers embrace personalization, uniqueness and exclusivity. Use that knowledge to your advantage in 2013.