Help Consumers Shop for Wine with QR Codes

QR code on wineI’m about to deliver some shocking news, so brace yourself….

Most consumers know very little about wine.

I know. Speechless right? Try to pick yourself up off the floor now.

Okay so maybe you weren’t that surprised. But the reality is most people really don’t know that much about wine. They’re drawn to something that they’ve tried before in a restaurant, a wine label that looks especially appealing, or they get so far as to pick up a particular bottle and read the description on the back – if there is one.

But what if there was another option? What if there was a QR code on the front-facing label that told people a little more about the wine…what flavors it embodies, recommended food pairings and reviews? You can even take it a step further by linking the QR code to videos about the wine (since many people don’t enjoy reading), provide video tours of the winery, or information on harvest.

The QR code can be placed on the wine labels, themselves, or onto hang tags that hang on the bottles. Either way, QR codes will provide that unique factor that will help get your bottle noticed, as well as the information to help customers feel like they are making an informed decision about their bottle. Providing your customers with so much great information will make them feel more confident in your brand and leave them more likely to purchase.

Interested in putting a QR code on your wine bottle or onto custom labels for another product? Contact us today. Our custom label specialists are happy to help you.