Stay Organized: Avoid the Holiday Meltdown

Retail labelsThe holiday season is supposed to be all about spending time with friends and family. Unfortunately, with the rush to squeeze in decorating the home, holiday parties, shopping, cooking and present wrapping, it can quickly become a rushed experience that is less than fun. However, with some planning and organization, you can ensure the holidays will be everything you wanted. Check out these great tips to keep you organized and stress-free during the holiday season.

80/20 rule. If you’re anything like me, when you have a lot of tasks that have to get accomplished it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Make a point of creating a to-do list and adding to the list each time you think of something new. Then tackle the list one thing at a time by focusing on the most important things first, the 20%. Inevitably your whole list will be taken care of and you’ll avoid the mad dash to accomplish everything at once.

Cards. Cards are a great tradition and a fantastic way to let family and friends know that you are thinking about them. However, the time spent picking the right card, finding time to write on all the addresses and add the “right” messages can add up quickly. Some other alternatives that can save you time include sending electronic cards or ordering your cards online. Even if you decide you want to send out personally written cards, do yourself a favor and print address labels for the cards. They can be easily typed and saved in your computer, then printed using a Dymo LabelWriter printer. Even if it takes a while to type out all your addresses, it’ll be a major time saver in future years…plus you won’t waste time trying to track down addresses.

Wrapping. I think wrapping presents is one of my least favorite tasks at the holidays. I tend to avoid it as long as possible and find myself overwhelmed by an abundance of gifts just days before Christmas…all that have to be individually wrapped. DON’T do what I do. Get a process in place for wrapping and take care of wrapping as you purchase items. Interested in saving money on wrapping paper? Consider using unconventional wrapping paper. One great idea is to wrap gifts using plain brown paper from the craft store and decorate the using dot stickers like our retail labels! Get creative…chances are you’ll save money and produce a beautifully wrapped gift that the recipient will love.

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