Leave a Positive Impression with Labels in 2013

ToffeeToGoI was thinking today about the importance of labels. I’ve blogged in the past about how labels are, in a way, a major factor that helps tools run smoothly (think barcode labels for retail and inventory management, shipping labels, point of sale labels, price tag labels, and custom labels). Labels are vital in order to run a smooth, successful business.

What would happen if you didn’t use labels for your business?

Not only would things processes and transactions slow down, think about the impression you would be giving your customers.

Handwritten shipping and address labels could easily become smudged, are difficult to read, and leave a poor impression on your customers.

We are always told first impressions are important, and many times you labels are your first impression on customers. It’s important to leave customers with a strong, positive impression of your business and with the impression that you are providing high quality products and services.

Your labels should be clear, direct, and original. Catch the customer’s eye. Make an impression. Impress them. This is my challenge to you in 2013.