Get Organized the Day After Christmas

After_christmasSo I know Christmas is still a week away, but it’s not too early to think about how you’re going to get organized post-Christmas. Whether you will be taking your decorations down on December 26 or leaving them up until after the New Year, at some point they will come down and these great re-packing tips will have everything organized and ready for storage in no time at all…and guarantee that next year’s Christmas decorating is executed smoothly.

Wrap up the lights. No matter how hard I have tried in the past, inevitably, when my lights come out of the box after a year of storage they are a tangled mess. Prevent tangling by wrapping your lights around a piece of cardboard. Don’t have one? Chances are you will after the holiday. Make sure you snag a box and set it aside during the gift exchange. This simple tip will make wrapping lights around your tree next year a breeze.

Label, Label, Label. Inevitably there are things you will need before anything else, whether it is your tree stand, your lights, or even just decorations you put out sooner than others. Grab your Dymo LabelManager printer and D1 tape and start labeling! At the very least, make a "Open This First" box. If you want to get really ambitious, I recommend labeling all of your Christmas boxes according to their contents. It will make decorating much easier if you know what boxes to search for specific items.

Reduce moisture. Depending on where you store your boxes, there may or may not be the risk of items becoming moldy and damp. Avoid this by storing your Christmas décor with a small packet of Silica Gel (the small crystals that come in purses or shoes that can be purchased at any craft store). The crystals will absorb any moisture and make sure your decorations are in great shape when you need them again in a year.