Get More for Your Money with High Capacity Shipping Labels

For businesses that do a high volume of shipments, there is an alternative to the Dymo 30256 labels. The popular Dymo 30256 labels are designed to be 100% compatible with the Dymo LabelWriter series printers. Each of the labels measures 2-5/16” x 4.” However, with only 300 labels per roll, companies that do high volume shipping, the cost can quickly add up (yes, even with’s bulk pricing).

An easy solution?

Try the Dymo 1785378 high capacity shipping labels. Unlike the Dymo LabelWriter labels, these high capacity shipping labels contain 575 labels per roll, almost twice the number of labels for slightly more in cost (saving you big money).

But if the max number of shipping labels a LabelWriter can hold is 300, how did they do it?

They turned the labels 90 degrees so the labels are located sideways rather than lengthways on the roll! The one down side is that these labels are too wide to fit into the 400 and 450 series models, and only work in the LabelWriter 4XL Label Printer. However, investing in a new or additional printer can still save you big money when you consider the savings associated with the time wasted changing rolls, getting almost twice as money labels for your money, and the increased print speed of the printer.

Switching to a 4XL printer and high capacity labels could be one of the best decisions you have made all year.