Use Facebook to Drive Holiday Sales

Facebook labelsThis week and next is a big week for retail, with Black Friday sales well underway. Take advantage of all the online traffic and customers searching for great deals by incorporating the holidays into your Facebook strategy. On Christmas in 2009, the traffic on Facebook exceeded the traffic on Google. Regardless of how you feel about Facebook and the direction it is heading, there is no denying that it is still the powerhouse of the social media world and your brand should cash in on this spike in traffic.

Coupons. Chances are, the customers following you online are already your fans and are, therefore, your garget market. Offer a special coupon to your Facebook fans. Not only will it help to drive fans but will reward them for being such loyal customers.

Apps. Create an app that you can use for showcasing your products. Lowe’s did this, creating a fun game customers could use to rate the products they believed would be the best sellers during the holiday for the chance to win store credit.

Send customers to website. Drive traffic to your website by posting updates about specials. You might even consider having a location with special deals on your website that is locked by a password and sharing the password with your loyal fans.     

Encourage sharing. We all know that the main value in social media is when posts get shared and go viral. Consider offering your social media fans a deal for spreading the world or providing a special deal for referrals. Always make sure to post content that is share-worthy and something your fans will want to share with all of their friends online.

Update your cover photo. Get in the spirit of the holidays by updating your cover photo for the holidays. It is also a great place to post information about your Black Friday deals.

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