Retail Labels for Branding

Retail labelsRetail labels serve a wide variety of uses in a retail environment. They help draw attention to special sales, manage inventory, and denote prices. However, you may not have considered how useful retail labels can be in helping with branding within your business.

One of our customers recently shared with us how she’s using our light blue address labels within her retail environment. She said,

I love the colored labels. I use the blue and it's a classy "tiffany" blue. I print my store name on them and use as "tape" for wrapping my customer purchases in my retail store. Looks great and only 2 pennies per piece. “

You could use a similar idea for your retail store this holiday season, printing labels that are either the color of your brand or red for the holiday. This small touch is not only useful, keeping your product tightly wrapped, it also adds an extra touch that will help brand your packaging.

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