Make Your Holiday Shipping Deadlines

Christmas is less than a month away and Americans are in the malls and online searching for gifts for family and friends. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, the average American will spend a whopping $854 this year on gifts for family and friends. However, many of those gifts are for family members who live in various parts of the country and even overseas. It’s important to meet the shipping deadlines in order to get your gifts to the recipients on time.

Check out these great packing tips from USPS for shipping your holiday packages:

Double-check your addresses, as a slight error can cause a significant delay

Shake the boxes to make sure everything is packaged tightly and not going to break en route

Consider Priority Mail to get your gifts to their destination faster

If you have any last-minute gifts, consider using Express Mail Shipping

Check out the chart below from the USPS website for the mailing deadlines for shipping in the US.


Domestic mail

To check the deadlines for mailing to military service members, visit the USPS website. Pressed for time this holiday season? Save yourself time by using a postal scale to weigh packages and printing postage labels on your own printer. You can even schedule a courier pickup with the USPS to ensure you never have to make that dreaded trip to the post office.